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We Offer:

  • Server-side Web Applications: Development using Java, JSP, Python and PHP languages.
  • Client-side Web Applications: Development utilizing JavaScript, W3C DOM, DHTML, XHTML and XML (including XSLT and XPath).
  • Database and business applications programming: Business applications and software development services utilizing open-source technologies such as Java, Python, PHP, C/C++, ODBC, and other proprietary technologies.
  • Deployment platforms (operating systems and web servers):  Development of intranet (web) and software solutions deployable on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Apache.
  • Animation: Animation development using open-source software.
  • Web site hosting, marketing and maintenance: Outsource your web to Tetra.

For a web site or Intranet to match your company’s complex needs… Hire Tetra Group now! 

Contact us for more information. We are located in Phoenix Arizona. Google map us. Tetracebu on Google Maps

Latest Updates:

TEAMTechnology and Entrepreneurial Arts Museum.

CCCC – 3D Marketing Simulator.

CAST – Cebu Heritage Tour (3D Animated Movie)..

Forbes Technology Museum
– Forbes Tetra Technology Museum is a proposed cafe featuring antique radios and old computers..

A forum of how to do IT.
– A forum on how to setup and get new open source technology to run on your web site or home computer.

Nessie’s Mess – My E-commerce Super Store
– An Interactive Catalog of ladies bags and purses.

A Video about me and Tetracebu Group.
Tech Teams for Resourceful Applications – A movie about why you should do bussiness with Tetracebu Group.
Great American Read A image history of how the books you read are turned into movies.

Java Web Application
Interactive web hosted application. A wide variety of examples for marketing, e-commerce and customer relations.

HTML 5 Videos
A HTML 5 web page with a list of videos in HTML 5 formats.

A HTML 5 web application to convert XHTML to PDF file.

Forbes Brochure
Forbes Tetra Technology Products and Services PDF Brochure.

Our new WordPress E-Commerce Store
A store where you can get services for your broken web sites.

Tetra - Marketing and Web Services Programming in Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, C#

Tetra Cebu Group

Tech Teams for Resourceful Applications