Know Who and Know How and You Know All

Posted by on July 10, 2009

When I was living in Phoenix Arizona, I had a friend and business partner that always played golf and then visited the local pub. He was one of the regulars. As you know in a bar or pub, you could always get into some kind of a discussion (or argument) about anything in general. A long standing topic was the personalities of the regular patrons. They would give each other some kind of a nick name and use it in their greetings when that someone walk in. Of course this was just bar talk and everybody just had a good time.

The topic of a remembered conversation was the words “self aggrandizement “. The friend claimed I was a self aggrandizing person. When I ask what he meant  by that. I got the answer  “Well it’s in the dictionary, look it up” (Mmmm! The classic RTM -Read the Manual- response). My response was “Your an aggravating person, You can’t even spell that word.”. Well to end the suspense, the word means — self promotion –, you only think about yourself and your personal goals.

Well this friend and I was none of the above. And us two combatants where always great friends. He was a salesman and marketing person. He was just using “Reflection” to find out who people are and what they are all about.

Could we apply these words to some of today’s leaders and politicians. Mmmm! I think the word fits very well but we will leave any more comment to readers.

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