Proposal for a Cebu Technology Museum

To Whom It May Concern

I Gary Forbes, who now resides in Cebu, have collected over the last 40 years many items that could be preserved as a technology museum. These items now need a home that is open to the public and technology students here in Cebu.

We wish that you would take a look at the enclosed inventory list (on page 3) and give it some thought and respond to this proposal. The list is not complete or detailed but represents a small part of what is available. I have talked to several people and the response has been very positive. Others say to me “Oh I have this or that at my house. Can I donate it to the museum?”.

A project like this needs an income model to survive or a benevolent angel that will take a keen interest in its preservation. Below (on page 2) we make some suggestion for both a private enterprise and a public non profit cooperative. Please see if these fit into your plans for the future of Cebu. Please contact me by e-mail at if you have questions or a Proposal.

I think this is a very doable project and would create a lot of interest to help make Cebu the Center of ICT in Asia. Can you help us realize this goal?

Thanks for your time,

Gary Forbes

Forbes Technology Museum

Some Purposed Business Plans for Museum

  1. Combine museum with Arts Center and Internet.

    This proposal has been on the table many times, This is a place for students and practitioners of arts to congregate and learn how the arts and science can work together and be creative.

    This is the joining of the old and the new.

  2. Combine museum with Commercial Venture and use as a marketing tool.

    Last month I was in the US and visited the local McDonald's fast food restaurants. I find in the eating area a 1950's 78 rpm juke box on prominent display. On the walls were pictures of McDonald's old advertisements selling hamburgers for 15 cents. Looking around I see a much older clientèle eating lunch. I think McDonald's is growing up and the customer is getting older.

    Many corporation now collect the old products they use to sell or manufacture. They are prominently displayed in the lobby and greet the visitors and customers.

  3. Combine museum with the city or providential government.

    Both the Cebu City and Cebu Providential governments have museums. These governments should be involved in the battle to generate technical jobs to the tax paying people. Lets make Cebu the center of ITC in Asia (both the City and the Provence should work togeather to make it happen).

  4. Combine museum with a university or college.

    All universities and colleges should teach history and things that happened to get us to where we are now. I have been approached by local tour guides and ask if students could view the “Forbes Technology Museum”. The museum is a great learning tool and time history of computer technology over the last 40 or 50 years.

  5. Start a private business and use the museum as a marketing tool.

    What comes to mind here is a venture capital corporation and incubator for new ideas. To help support this idea I can include other inventory I have here in Cebu. These are:

    1) 400 books on animation, computer programming and Computer hardware
    2) 400 CDs and DVDs – mostly from magazines with tutorials

    3) 10 computers running Linux and all legal open source software

    4) Experience in 3D animation and software


  1. Model 32 Teletype

  2. Model 15 Teletype

  3. TRS 80 Model II

  4. TRS 80 Model II 8 inch External Floppy

  5. TRS 80 Line Printer IV

  6. Intellivision Game Console

  7. Apple II Computer

  8. TI Model 59 Programmable Calculator with Solid State Software

  9. SCM Marchant Mechanical Calculator

  10. Tektronix Model 465 Analog Oscilloscope

  11. Tektronix Model C-30 Series Camera with Adaptor Kit

  12. Model Fernschreiber Model 100 Teletype (Made in Germany)

  13. Bell and Howell 16 mm Movie Projector

  14. Intel Model 386 Floor Model Computer

  15. Simpson Model 260 Volt-Ohm Meter

  16. Triplet Model 630 Volt-Ohm Meter

  17. Triplet Model 603 Volt-Ohm Meter

  18. Hewlet Packard Model 310 Audio Oscillator

  19. Intel 80286 Micro System Design Kit

  20. Intel 80188 Micro System Design Kit

  21. Hewlet Packard Model 427A Volt Meter

  22. Pickett 11 inch Slide Rule

  23. Apple II 5¼ inch External Floppy

  24. Bousch and Lomb Stereo Microscope

  25. Intel Model IUP200 Prom Programmer

  26. General Electric 435 Main Frame Computer Core Memory

  27. General Electric 235 Main Frame Computer Circuit Boards

  28. General Electric 355 Communication Controller Linear Core Memory

  29. Intel IAPX 186 Microprocessor Salesman Demo Kit

  30. Syquest Model SPARQ 1PE 1.0 Gigabyte Removable Hard Disk Storage

  31. Iomega Model Zip 250P Removable Floppy Disk Storage

  32. Kodak 110 Film Camera

  33. Kodak Model DC210 Plus Digiral Science Camera

  34. Polaroid Lan Camera Instant Pictures

  35. HP PhotoSmart Digital Camera

  36. Sony Still Video Camera Model Mavica Hi-Band

  37. Intel hardware emulators and supporting software.

  38. Commercialy Made Tri-Cycle used on Factory Floor

  39. A large library of old software such as DOS and word processors.