A Wish to be a Child Again

Posted by on March 11, 2014

Walking the streets in my neighbourhood is a regular thing for me. A few days ago,  I see a young mother and her one year old daughter in the yard working. As I approach, the little girl comes out to the sidewalk with a stretched out hand carrying a tape measure. The mother  speaks up and demands that she get back into the yard. The little girl ignores her. The mother rushes out and grabs the little girl and starts to drags her back. We make eye contact and as she is dragged away, She blows me a kiss. I walk away in tears.

My after thoughts on this story are that the little girl is not giving me a gift of the tape measure, but she is asking me to join her and be part of the group. She is open to strangers. Just think! If the whole world is like this little girl, how much better this place would be. The lesson for me is that I should be friendly to all and make no prejudiced opinions against others.

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