Art is a Science

Posted by on July 8, 2008

When I was in college I read a book that changed my life. The title “Advice from a Failure”. I don’t have the book anymore so I can not name the author The advice was turn your brain off. Stop thinking and be receptive to the world around you. The author was shy person like me and the advice made good since. Shy people, when they meet someone new are always thinking. Will they like me? Does my hair look ok? What will I say if I have to speak first?

The mind is so cluttered with your thoughts that the other person assumes you don’t care or off in the clouds somewhere. A great tool for meeting somebody new is to use your creative mind instead of your thinking mind. To do this just sing a random tune song in your brain, like do da do da do do. This is what I mean about turning your brain off. Stop your thinking.

We all have three parts to our brain. The left brain – logic and the right brian emotions and creativity. But we also have a third major part, the robot or motor functions. When I was in high school my drivers training included a test of my reaction time to get my foot off the accelerator and onto the brake. Every bodies time was about a half a second. If you do the math the car travels 60 feet in that half second.

So how do we play the piano or the guitar with these slow reaction times? How do we read the note with our eyes and get our fingers to move so fast. It’s a no brainer. Motor neurons don’t need a thinking brain to react. So in all the arts you have to turn your brain off and let the robot do the work, I have an art course in witch I teach pencil drawings to kids here in the Philippines. The course last for 60 seconds and consist of: Turn your brian off. Move pencil, hand, arm and body to fast non thinking strokes. Use the connection between your right brian and your robot brain to develop your art talents.

Now we want to know what we can do if we exploit the connections between the right brian and the left brain, I call this “Idea Generation or Intuition”. I do this by thinking of a word, then quickly turn my brian off and see what pops into my head. We are trying to create the Eureka Factor or the light comes on with a new idea. So you can see that the brain off, brain on is a very useful tool in the fields of science and art. So is art a science? Your comment below are much appreciated.

I still have one problem with my theory of “Art is a Science”. A lot of the population has never turned on their brain in their life. All they know is right brain and do not think, How do I teach them reason and logic? This divides the world into two parts. The talkers and the thinkers. This now gives me a much better view of myself. I don’t like the word shy, I like the word thinker much better.

We have two web site on the Internet. For art and creativity I have This site is dedicated to 3d animation and movie making. For my reason and logic I have http://www, This site is full of Java application and computer programming. We like you to try some of our web applications.

To upload cartoons and picture with a funny caption go to:

To find out how intuitive you are go to our “Idea Generator” at http://www,

Teach met to turn on my brain
and use my left, right, robot brian fusion.
I do not want my thinking to wane
and fall into the mire of confusion.

Teach me to turn off my brian
and exploit my artistic talents.
The right brian keeps me sane
and I must keep a good balance.

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