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My Revelation of the Day

A few days ago I was taking a walk in the Arizona sun. As I walked by a house in my neighborhood. there were two young boys playing in their front yard. I heard one of the boys shout at me “Hi old man”. Wow! That blew away and I wondered why I’m an old … Continue reading »

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Five Year Boy Smarter Then Me

I have to tell my story of my day at Goodwill. This is dollar day and all items marked with a certain color tag are only one dollar. You have to get their early before the doors are opened. Rush in and get what you want before anyone else. I get there fifteen minutes early … Continue reading »

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What Goes Around Comes Around

This is Sunday and my routine is a trip to the mall. This mall opens early before any of the stores open. It’s an invitation to walk in an air conditioned space. After two loops around mall I sit down and watch the others walk. Of course I’m hoping the ladies will smile at me … Continue reading »

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Why Am I So Stupid

I have to write this store about how my sense of humor gets me in trouble. When I was in school I was the most bashful person in my class. I was always afraid to speak or even smile. Now I’m always looking for opening lines to start a conversation. Now I’m at the local … Continue reading »

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My Story for the Day

Today I’m selling stuff on Ebay and I have about 4 hours before things close and I have to ship my stuff. I decide to go on one of my daily walks in the neighbourhood. It’s 109 degrees out there but this is normal for me. A guy I have met several times walking, greets … Continue reading »

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A Wish to be a Child Again

Walking the streets in my neighbourhood is a regular thing for me. A few days ago,¬† I see a young mother and her one year old daughter in the yard working. As I approach, the little girl comes out to the sidewalk with a stretched out hand carrying a tape measure. The mother¬† speaks up … Continue reading »

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Kinect to the World

We are now the owner on a Microsoft Windows Kinect. We have this to do full body scans and then make a model on a 3D Printer. Ah! Err! The first intention was to make a memorial to myself and then put it on my grave stone. Well! Thats not a good idea. Who cares … Continue reading »

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3DEM — 3D E Marketing Printer Products

We have just recentlly converted our Java 3DEM application to HTML5. You can now access all the features with no plugin for your browser. Err! well you need to have the latest browser updates to view the website. This is the new age of the Internet so I feel no sorrow for you if you … Continue reading »

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How stupid can I be?

A few nights ago I was watching the movie “Best Little Whore House in Texas”. Staring Dolly Parton and Bert Reynolds. Dolly gives some advice to all. “If you see someone without a smile. Give them yours.” I’m telling this story to Nessie and her quote is: “I don’t need your smile. I need your … Continue reading »

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My George Brazil Story

Not sure I got ripped by George Brazil plumbing repair here in Phoenix or not. But I’m thinking that a repair bill that adds up to $500 dollars per hour does say something. I have had a problem with my sewer backing up and I can’t flush the toilet. I had this problem for several … Continue reading »

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