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Sir! Can You Help Me.

This is the most recent story of my encounters on the street with strangers. and this has happened to me several times where I become the good Samaritan. OK! to start. I was very depress from last night. I went to the Talking Stick last night. I put $8.00 in the machines and no bells … Continue reading »

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I’m sure most of us remember our first days in school. The kindergarten is one of my most deep seated and enjoyable memories. I lived in the country on a dairy farm and you had to ride a school bus to school. On my first day going to school my sister was my escort. She … Continue reading »

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32 Shea – Relax and Enjoy

Being a web consultant and keyboard bounder, I sometimes get my brain very wound up. So at least for some part of the day I need to take a break and unwind. I read in Mind Magazine that the best way to relax your brain is to explore and do something new. Go for a … Continue reading »

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Cebu Airport Troubles

Of course this is a story of how stupid can I be. I’m leaving Cebu to come back to the US. My plane leaves at 1.30am so I have to be at the Cebu airport late evening the day before. I don’t get any sleep before I leave. Maybe this is the reason I’m so … Continue reading »

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What Day Is It?

January 17, 2012 My mission for the day is to goto Philippine Immigration and have my visa extended. I go on line and Google what jeepney would get me close to where I need to go. I find the jeepney routes and two land marks I need to to use to get there. They are … Continue reading »

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Cebu Technology Museum

Fernschrieber 100 fssk 2186/1 Made in Germany Teletype Model 15 Teletype Model 33 S C M Marchant mechanical calculator. Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III Magnavox Odyssey Micro Processor Intel iPLSD (Programmable Logic Software and emulation hardware) New in the box. Intel Microphone Emulex XT eight port serial expansion board. Intel … Continue reading »

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Cebu Surplus Sale

Complete living room set. Coffee table Two upholstered chairs End table Two upholstered chairs Couch All great looking with some wear. Needs cleaning. Herman Miller Work table with storage draws. Great table at a great price. This tricycle was a shop delivery transportation for the General Electric Computer manufacturing in Phoenix, Arizona. Very strong sturdy … Continue reading »

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Needed: Arizona Technology Investor

Hello! I am the owner of this site and the owner of I like to think of these two sites as my ‘Right Brain’ and my ‘Left Brain’. Here I’m going to outline a business plan for a sweat equity partnership that will start with my assets an intellectual property. What I need from … Continue reading »

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Why don’t I smile?

Last Tuesday I was at a local conference and was walking around visiting the many booths. The house was pack so I made about 5 to 6 loops around the floor. Didn’t visit with many people but just help my self to the literature, candy and pens. Well on my last round I stopped at … Continue reading »

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WordPress MultiSite

Well now that I have WordPress MultiSite run on my server, I feel I need to make a few comments. To sum it all up so you don’t have to read further is: I like It. But I will go ahead and explain. How you don’t mind the list form. All video now has a … Continue reading »

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