My Revelation of the Day

A few days ago I was taking a walk in the Arizona sun. As I walked by a house in my neighborhood. there were two young boys playing in their front yard. I heard one of the boys shout at me “Hi old man”. Wow! That blew away and I wondered why I’m an old man. I pointed my finger at him and give him my famous scowling look.

I continued to walk down the street. Three housed down I see a lady exit a house. I meet her on the sidewalk and I complain “I want to complain. You have two neighbor kids and they just shouted at me “Hi Old Man”. Her immediate response was “Just be thankful you heard the word ‘Hi’.  Hi is much better that no word at all”.

Wow! Now that made my day. An out going salutation is from an out going five year old is really a great thing,

Wall! That’s is not the end of my story. Later that day I’m in the local grocery store and a three old girl is saying “Hi” to every stranger. I big smile and ‘Hi’ to me brought me to tears.

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Five Year Boy Smarter Then Me

I have to tell my story of my day at Goodwill. This is dollar day and all items marked with a certain color tag are only one dollar. You have to get their early before the doors are opened. Rush in and get what you want before anyone else. I get there fifteen minutes early and there were only two people in line ahead of me. I asked where is the end of the line? I get no response. I assume they only speak Spanish.

Then a five year old boy dropped in line in front of me and stood beside his grandmother. He spoke very good English and I started a conversation with him. Another lady interrupted and made comments on how intelligent this boy is.

I challenged the boy to a race. I told him “I can run faster than you.” We count 1, 2, 3, go. I start then I pretended to limp and let him win. It made him happy.

The discussion went on and the boy asked “how old are you?” I replied “I never tell my age, but I was born in 1940.” Then I told him do the math. He was confused and asked “What was that?”

Then I realized it was stupid of me to speak to a five year about subtraction. He instead told me “Well, you will live up to a hundred eleven.” This really made my day.

This lesson I learned for the day was so amazing. How this young kid had all the freedom to explore and interact with people of different age. His grandmother said nothing.

This reminds me of anther story. I’m in McDonald’s and and a mother is telling her five year old son “Don’t play the games, eat your food.” This time for his mother was in control.

Is this a story about how to raise your children? It could be, but it’s not complete. Children do need discipline to travel the right path and stay out of trouble. Kids should have the freedom to explore and interact.

A final reference to a story that was on PBS television. This was an interview with the author of a book. Don’t remember the title, but it was about a child asking her mother “Who is Jesus?” The mother was a non believer and did not want to trap the child in her believes. The answer had to be give the information in a way the child could fallow the path it chooses. Do not pass on your believes to the next generation.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

This is Sunday and my routine is a trip to the mall. This mall opens early before any of the stores open. It’s an invitation to walk in an air conditioned space. After two loops around mall I sit down and watch the others walk. Of course I’m hoping the ladies will smile at me as they walk by. Well, no one smiled at me. What a lousy day.

Well, it then turned out to be a great day. On my way home I stopped at Goodwill to look for my hoarding junk. Great! I didn’t find anything. Now I’m going out the door, and the Mother with her young son and baby carriage are going out the door. The young son struggles with the door to hold it open for his Mother. He also holds the door open for me. I reach into my pocket and hand him a dollar. I say ” here’s a tip for the door man.” Then I rephrase my response to “Not for the doorman but for a reward for a job well done.” The mother looks surprised but also response with “A job well done my son.”

My next stop is at the the local bar next to Goodwill. Have not been there for a while so I order a half pitcher of beer. I ask the bar lady how much and I get a big surprise. It cost four dollars and a half. I only have four dollars in my pocket. To put this on a credit card would cost me 10 dollars. I ask if I can leave and she can serve this to someone else. I walk out the door without paying.

Now I drive down to a bar a little closer to my house. I’ve been there many times and I know a half pitcher is only three dollars and a half. I sit down at the bar start a conversation with a guy next to me. I tell him my my story about I did not have enough money to buy a beer. We talk for about 40 minutes an he gets up to leave. He ask for his bill and the tells the bar lady to add my bill onto his. He will pay.

Wow! I payout one dollar and get back three and a half dollars. Yes I know. How I have to pass it on to the next person. So if you want to be the next person, let me know.

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Why Am I So Stupid

I have to write this store about how my sense of humor gets me in trouble. When I was in school I was the most bashful person in my class. I was always afraid to speak or even smile. Now I’m always looking for opening lines to start a conversation.

Now I’m at the local Hen House. This is the name I give to a small coffee and sandwich place near me. It is owned by a lady and there are five hens for every rooster. I walk in and two ladies ask if I need a seat at the bar. They move over and I sit beside them. We start the conversation and now they are laughing at my jokes. Oops! Now I mess it up with my sarcastic humor. The bar lady comes in front of us and hangs a key on a hook. My comment now is “Wow! You do that very good. You would make an excellent hooker.” Now all the hen cackling turns into hen squawking. Now this rooster is in big trouble.

The next day I go to the local McDonald’s to join the ROMEOS (Retired Old Men Eating Out). Yes we do have some Juliet’s that join us for coffee. No, I do not tell my hooker story. I think you know why. I tell the story of the two girls I met at the Hen House. I introduce them as Girl Friend Number 5 and Girl Friend Number 6. Ouch! Now I’m in trouble again. I have to explain to the ladies present “Don’t worry. You are still on my list.”

I was recently at a local casino. This was a church group that takes a bus and gets $10.00 to run the slot machines. I go with my best Lady. We get bored and take a free bus ride to a large discount mall. Of course the shopping is much more exciting than the slot machines. Well I lose at the mall but I win at the casino.

We are getting ready to leave and a lot for people standing outside waiting for the bus. I complained about “Every time I hear the word ‘Cute’ it cost me money. I had to buy a purse at the mall for my Lady. Then I see an old lady scowling and wagging her finger at me. “That’s what men are for. You pay.”

I’m standing in line to check out. A lady is talking to the sales lady. The sales lady ask “Did you find everything you were looking for?” The customer responds “No, I want to buy a husband. Do you know where I can find one?” Now I just have to join this conversation. I say “Oh! Oh! Am for sale.” The lady turns to me and starts her interview to see if I qualify. She ask, “Do you have a job?” I have to tell the truth so I answer “No job, but I can cook and wash dishes.” Her immediate response is “No Thanks. I don’t need a dish washer, I need money.”

Wow! Now I have learned a new opening line to talk to the ladies. Now I never get in the shortest check out line. I get behind a lady. Then I start my conversation with “Hello. You know these lines are long. But do you know I never get in the shortest line.” I wait for a response but usually never comes. So I have to tell my second line. “I aways get behind the cutest lady.” Now that line always gets the conversation going.

Well, I/m just having fun.

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My Story for the Day

Today I’m selling stuff on Ebay and I have about 4 hours before things close and I have to ship my stuff. I decide to go on one of my daily walks in the neighbourhood. It’s 109 degrees out there but this is normal for me.

A guy I have met several times walking, greets me and says “Good Morning! Welcome to paradise. I answer “Paradise? What?” He says “Great day 110 degrees and lots of sun.” I say “Hot! Sounds like Hell to me.” Don’t know why I was so negative. I always try to be positive.

Anyway I keep walking and look for a place I can get a drink of water. I’ve passed McDonald’s several times in the past but I always stopped in when I had a dollar in my pocket to buy a drink. Now I stop in to just cool off and write my adventures in my engineering notebook.

The main show is a family of 9 people. A grandmother, two daughters and 7 kids all younger than 7 years old. Of course there is lots of noise, kids running here and running there. A three year old takes the baby carriage from her Mother and pushes the 3 month old around. It bumps into all the chairs and tables but gets better as time goes by as she learns how to drive. Well! This story ends with the mothers trying to get all the kids out the door and into two cars. I hear “You kids hurry up and eat your ice cream. We’re going to the Phoenix Science Center. (Lots of interactive exhibits to teach kids science)

Well! That’s not all my story at McDonald’s. A young lady comes in and sits in a nearby chair. She looks my way as she walks by. A few minutes later, she gets up and walks over to me and says “They gave me two cups so I don’t need this one. Do you want it so you can get something to drink. I stumble with my words and say “Thank you. I will just get some water.”

Now I’m really enjoying my day and I begin to wonder what is going on. Yes! I’m returning to my childhood and this is a great place to be at my age. I belong to the group Phoenix Seniors run by the city of Phoenix. I find this very boring and it is so regimented by rules set by the city employees. The drive to the Seniors is 3 and a half miles. McDonald’s is a 15 minute walk. When ever I go some where I always judge my experience on the show I see. McDonald’s is a much better show.

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A Wish to be a Child Again

Walking the streets in my neighbourhood is a regular thing for me. A few days ago,  I see a young mother and her one year old daughter in the yard working. As I approach, the little girl comes out to the sidewalk with a stretched out hand carrying a tape measure. The mother  speaks up and demands that she get back into the yard. The little girl ignores her. The mother rushes out and grabs the little girl and starts to drags her back. We make eye contact and as she is dragged away, She blows me a kiss. I walk away in tears.

My after thoughts on this story are that the little girl is not giving me a gift of the tape measure, but she is asking me to join her and be part of the group. She is open to strangers. Just think! If the whole world is like this little girl, how much better this place would be. The lesson for me is that I should be friendly to all and make no prejudiced opinions against others.

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Kinect to the World

We are now the owner on a Microsoft Windows Kinect. We have this to do full body scans and then make a model on a 3D Printer. Ah! Err! The first intention was to make a memorial to myself and then put it on my grave stone. Well! Thats not a good idea. Who cares about me. Maybe I make a model. but my name and date on the bottom. That way a hundred yeas from now some will bring it to Antique Road Show and it will be worth hundreds of thousand dollars.
Ok! Lets get serious. I write this blog to announce that I have a new web site.This is an advancemant to my 3DEM (3D E Marketing) application. the site is called “Kinect to the world, Photo Studio Websites, Prospector Sites, Email Flyers, Email Drip, Home Feedback, E-Calendar, Agent Report Card, Syndication” You can visit the site at this URL. Join a world market for full body scans.
This site allows you to connect to other Kinect studios. Have them scan your customer’s family members living in a far distant place. The world is globel and now your businass is the world.

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3DEM — 3D E Marketing Printer Products

We have just recentlly converted our Java 3DEM application to HTML5. You can now access all the features with no plugin for your browser. Err! well you need to have the latest browser updates to view the website. This is the new age of the Internet so I feel no sorrow for you if you are not upto date.

The site is located on my home office computer. Yes the one I.m typing this blog on. I have a dedicated IP. This allows my clients to see what I’m doing right upto the minute. To visit this site go to Then watch the movie about me. Well you don’t have to but at least click on the ‘Public Models’ button to seesome 3D abjects.

This site is a many to many ‘Show and Tell’. It is a customer to salesman virtual interactive ‘3d Printer International Show’. Once you have opened the customer website You can now open the Salesman website. Open a new browser tab and goto Then click on the ‘Private Models’ button in both the customer tab and the salesman tab. Now any Menu object you click on in the salesman tab will show up in the customers tab.

Salesman and customer can communicate via the chat feature or you can download and install TeamSpeak. This allows the customer and salesman to talk to each other. Mmmm! This starting to look like a game. Well marketing is a game.

Try is you will like it.

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How stupid can I be?

A few nights ago I was watching the movie “Best Little Whore House in Texas”. Staring Dolly Parton and Bert Reynolds. Dolly gives some advice to all. “If you see someone without a smile. Give them yours.”

I’m telling this story to Nessie and her quote is: “I don’t need your smile. I need your money”.

Now I have blogged on this subject before. If I use my left brain and use logic. I come up with my quote: Love is money. The proof is that “Time is Money” and “Love is Time” therefore “Love is Money”.

So if you find a person without a smile, Give them money.

Well! Today is Black Friday and we are going to the mall to shop. I ask what are we going to buy? Nessie answers. “I want and ipad-upay.” Boy I’m stupid. With all of my technical background. I ask “What is an ipad-upay.”

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My George Brazil Story

Not sure I got ripped by George Brazil plumbing repair here in Phoenix or not. But I’m thinking that a repair bill that adds up to $500 dollars per hour does say something.

I have had a problem with my sewer backing up and I can’t flush the toilet. I had this problem for several years and other plumbing business just snake out the sewer line. Well this time George Brazil truck shows up and the guy is dress in all white. Now if your going to clean the sewer do you wear white?

Well the first estimate was $500 dollars total to snake out the sewer. An hours work. I say OK but now the problem is that there is no sewer clean out except the one on the roof. They don’t do roof clean outs. So now we have to install a clean out access port. Cost $1000 or total cost is now $1500 dollars. I have had this issue before and I think I had this installed with another plumber. I tell them that and this forces them to look again. Yes it is there but is covered up with bushes.

OK, Were good to go at $500 dollars. Whoops! The snake gets block and it won’t go all the way to the alley. Now I’m told that I can quit now and pay $500 dollars or fix the blocked sewer. Now why would I just pay $500 dollars and I still can’t flush my toilet. They are going to dig a hole and find the clog, The price is based on the hole depth and length. I course I agree. I need my sewer fixed.

The George Brazil guy starts to dig. He has electric tool to help break up the soil. Then I notice that there is tw0 George Brazil guys doing the digging. I’m in the house pounding on this keyboard. An hour later, I’m ask to come out and take a look at the problem. I see a hole 2 foot wide, 3 foot long and 40 inches deep. In the bottom is a broken sewer pipe and some grass or roots blocking the sewer line. I should have took a picture, but I didn’t. I will have to explain on words what I saw.

The image in my mind is that the sewer pipe was broken by the George Brazil guys (Of course you have to break the pipe to get at the problem). The blockage looks very white, There isano dirt sediments in the pipe. The problem plug is very round looking. And it looks exactly like the small stick or leaves falling on the ground from my Palo Verde trees. In other words it looks like someone picked some trash off the ground. Wads it up into a ball. Then stuck it in the opening of the sewer line. Well what can I say. My sewer is disfunctional and I need it fixed.

Now the bill is $3000 dollars. They worked for less that six hours. I’m told that this is not the end of my problems. The whole sewer line needs to be replaced and the cost to do that would be another $6000 dollars.

Later I Google George Brazil and find lots of others have complaints. I also find that the George Brazil guys get payed a commission on all customer transactions(30%). Now I know why the George Brazil guy spent so much time talking to me and make me spend more money.

I will let you decide. Was I ripped off or I’m I just stupid?

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