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CELL Global (Cell-phone E - directories Listings and Links) is a database of mobile cell phone numbers. It is an Internet application that allows "Net Surfers" to find your business or service. The application searches by country, zip code, company name and a brief text statement about what your company does. The searchable cell phone directories are broken into several categories. It is a cell phone listings and yellow pages for mobile people.

Search our database for a business or service. Search the world for registered cell phone users. Then sign up below so others can find you and your business.

Sign up your business or services. It's free and effective. The telephone companies do not provide this kind of information. You have to signup in this database in order to use your cell phone as a business tool. A great way to generate new world wide contacts.

See our privacy statement for further details. We do not sell any information we gather from you to any third party. No one see your contact information. You are contacted by this web server and then you have the choice to answer or not to answer.

Why use CELL Global. CELL works as your yellow page agent and not for the search clients. We protect you from all unwanted phone calls and text messages. Click to find out why you should signup your business with CELL Global.

How it works. Cell is a small Flash™ applet or movie that runs in your web browser. Click above to see more detail.

Why the cell phone companies don't publish a directory. In the United States and in other counties, it is prohibited by regulation, People would use the directory for direct marketing. See how CELL solves this problem.

CELL is a mobile phone or PDA accessible yellow page directory. It uses WAP and Java servlets to deliver a name, address and a short description about the listed business. This user can search for business names, products or service by category.

 Mobile phone numbers and email addresses are not disclosed in these yellow pages. Contact to the client listed in the yellow page is by SMS or email.. The text message and email is sent from CELL (this site) and not from the searching user. This allows the yellow page listing client to make a choice about returning the email or text message to the inquiring user.

Signup your business or service. List your mobile device in our yellow pages. Our  allows you to upload a sample mobile cell phone number and a brief message about what you do.

See our privacy statement about not selling any information we gather from you to any third party.

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