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The following news release appeared in the Cebu Philippines "Sun Star Daily" on August 24, 2003.This press release was the launch of a CELL (Cell-phone E-directories Listings and Links). This web site is a yellow pages for people who use cell phones for business.


A Flash™ applet (center in yellow and pink) is used to show a search result from our database.

NESS Cebu Starts Cell Phone Yellow Pages

NESS (Network E Services and Solutions) and CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club) announces today the startup of the "CELL-Cebu" web site. This site list business cell phones in a web based yellow pages. CELL (Cell-phone E-directories Listings and Links) is located at  http://www.cell-cebu.com. It is a global contact point for doing business in today's global economy.

Today there are many business that have a mobile or freelance work force. These freelancers need a place to list their services and for employers to find them. This group includes networked marketers, consultants, freelance computer programmers, freelance artist and many others.

"CELL-Cebu" is a business search tool for the cell phone community. The Philippines is a major consumer for cell phones in Asia and the world. What better way to say "Hello World from Cebu" then to have a "Cell Yellow Pages" made with web technology from Cebu.

The search database is built by subscription. You have to go to the web site and signup. The signup has space for a description of your products or services. This text is used as keywords in searching the database by consumers searching for your product or service. The search of the database is by "country", "zip code" and "key word".

Today cell phone directories are non-existent. The difficulty lies in the fact that cell phones are mobile. Tracking the owner and user is very difficult. Numbers change frequently. How do you build a database that links people or companies to a certain cell phone number? "NESS-Cebu" has develop a program and web interface to do this very thing.

The "CELL-Cebu" site uses the latest Java™ technology from Sun Microsystems and Flash™ technology from Macromedia Inc. CCCC spokesmen Mr. Gary Forbes said "This is like a marriage of big and strong Mr. Java and sweet little Miss Flash". The July 2003 CCCC newsletter is a discussion of how to use Flash in the the web browser and Java on the server. Mr. Forbes invited us all to the marriage of Miss Flash Macromedia to Mr. Java Sun Microsystems.  See newsletter " Invitation to the Marriage of Miss Flash Macromedia to Mr. Java Sun Microsystems")

Java has been left at the church door since Microsoft discontinued support of Java applets in it's web browser. Flash is now that applet support. Visitors to these web site give a much more interactive experience. Flash and Java can now present web application such as Chat, White-Board collaboration, video or audio conferencing, remote learning and RSS (Really Simple Syndication - This is like a news feed to a client web site).

Mr. Forbes also stated the site is still in a prototype stage and some features are still lacking.  The most lacking is the feature that sends an SMS (Short Message Service) or "text message" to the company or personal cell phone. All that is need is to move the site to a web host that supports SMS.

CCCC Cebu C Coders Club is a recognized Java JUG (Java Users Group) by the father of Mr. Java, Sun Microsystems. The group has been organized here in Cebu since 1999 and is a pioneer in the Philippines to promote the Java computer programming language. The group has about 40 members world wide and publishes a monthly newsletter.

NESS Network E Services and Solution is a company that supports Java and C++ computer programming here in Cebu. It has clients in the US and provides services to do Java and web design outsourcing. The members of CCCC use it's web site to develop their skills in Java and other web technologies.

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