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The CELL logo is a tetrahedron. A three dimensional object with four sides and four vertices. The shape of the tetrahedron is made up of four triangles, the most structurally stable building block for architects and engineers.

The tetrahedron is also very aerodynamically stable. If you elongate one of the vertices, the long end will always point into the wind. CELL projects this idea to point it's self to be the front runner and use the market wind (the competition, the customer) to lead the way.

The four vertices are the letters C E L L and represent the acronym for our name. The name represents the content of this site.

  1. Cell-Phone
    The technology of cell phones and PDA devices, has continued to outpace all other computer related products. This web site is devoted to this market. In the future this site will carry the latest games and contact numbers to satisfy the demand for a quality site for all cell phone and PDA users.
  2. E-directories
    CELL is a cell phone yellow pages for business cell numbers. It is a searchable directory and accessed thru the Internet. Any cell phone equipped with the right software can search this data base and find a service or product.
  3. Links
    CELL has a section to list links to the directory clients home web page. This gives you more information about your requested product or service. See the Links Service for more information.
  4. Listings
    CELL is a want ads listing service, accessible from the Internet via cell phone PC computer. See our Listings Service for more information.

The four sides are adjectives and represent our mission and our business philosophy. We want you as a continuing customer.

  1. Collective
    Collective here means our collective family. The clients and users of this site. CELL is dedicated to the success of all the people who use our services. We have a large pool of business and service people who are looking for customers. Our goal is to find that customer and make it easy for him/her to find the service or product. The "Collective Family", is you the user and our clients who use our service.
  2. Enterprising
    To generate new ideas and services for our customers and users of the CELL. To keep our minds active and pay attention to the current market trends. Always looking for the new thing that will define new services and products.
  3. Leading
    Our logo, the tetrahedron is a constant reminder to always point ourselves into the wind. The market forces are always very competitive. These market winds require a very seaworthy boat to be the front runner. CELL promises to always strive to be the leading force in the market.
  4. Listener
    The cell phone and the PDA is a communication device. We dedicate CELL to be a communication center for both our clients and users. How can we better our service to you? Visit our feedback page and fill out the form. Send us email. Text us and leave a note. CELL is a listener.

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