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CIDD Cebu (Creative Idea - Development and Design), offers a full suite of support solutions for idea development in the Cebu Philippines.

Our idea is, bring yourself and your idea to Cebu Philippines. Develop your idea in a friendly relaxed environment. Set on a beach and write a book or computer program. Design cloths or furniture. Enjoy Cebu's active night life. Nerds and Geeks are welcome.

Cebu is located in the center of the Philippines and has a long history as a center of commerce for world traders. Follow the same adventure path as the ancient Chinese traders and the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan. See the About Cebu link on the left to learn more about our "Design and Development Paradise in the Pacific"

We focus on supporting you with the best technical staff, so you can focus on design and development of your idea. "Creative Idea - Development and Design" is the best in our business, outsourcing idea support. When you have a great idea and need a low budget solution, then you're ready for the "Creative Idea - Development and esign" advantage.

We have a complete team of web developers, graphic designers, application developers, copywriters, ghost writers, technical writers and content builders. They develop state-of-the-art products and ideas. The "Creative Idea - Development and Design" goal is to create value for our clients. We can assure you that we can satisfy your needs by quality support and amenities.