Five Year Boy Smarter Then Me

Posted by on September 15, 2015

I have to tell my story of my day at Goodwill. This is dollar day and all items marked with a certain color tag are only one dollar. You have to get their early before the doors are opened. Rush in and get what you want before anyone else. I get there fifteen minutes early and there were only two people in line ahead of me. I asked where is the end of the line? I get no response. I assume they only speak Spanish.

Then a five year old boy dropped in line in front of me and stood beside his grandmother. He spoke very good English and I started a conversation with him. Another lady interrupted and made comments on how intelligent this boy is.

I challenged the boy to a race. I told him “I can run faster than you.” We count 1, 2, 3, go. I start then I pretended to limp and let him win. It made him happy.

The discussion went on and the boy asked “how old are you?” I replied “I never tell my age, but I was born in 1940.” Then I told him do the math. He was confused and asked “What was that?”

Then I realized it was stupid of me to speak to a five year about subtraction. He instead told me “Well, you will live up to a hundred eleven.” This really made my day.

This lesson I learned for the day was so amazing. How this young kid had all the freedom to explore and interact with people of different age. His grandmother said nothing.

This reminds me of anther story. I’m in McDonald’s and and a mother is telling her five year old son “Don’t play the games, eat your food.” This time for his mother was in control.

Is this a story about how to raise your children? It could be, but it’s not complete. Children do need discipline to travel the right path and stay out of trouble. Kids should have the freedom to explore and interact.

A final reference to a story that was on PBS television. This was an interview with the author of a book. Don’t remember the title, but it was about a child asking her mother “Who is Jesus?” The mother was a non believer and did not want to trap the child in her believes. The answer had to be give the information in a way the child could fallow the path it chooses. Do not pass on your believes to the next generation.

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