Forbes Computer, Cebu Philippines

Forbes Computer is a computer service company based in Cebu, Philippines and is engaged in the marketing and manufacturing of the "TOMM Marketing Manager". This marketing tool is a catalog CD in the form of a slide show presentation. The CD is given to your key accounts or prospective customers. The customers can generate an order form from pictures and specification on the CD. The order form is then fax or emailed back to the seller.

Profile of Forbes Computer

Forbes Computer move to the Philippines nine years ago and is now actively involved in the production of marketing tools, animated films and interactive web sites.

In the past Forbes Computer has worked on and owned many computers from giant main frames to small controller chips. These computers range from a home made vacuum tube model in college back in the 60's, a Multics Machine made by General Electric Corp. and the wizards of today.

Forbes Computer has much experience in programming, graphics, animation and commercial software. Today that experience is being past on to the younger students using the vehicles of CAST and CCCC. We welcome your question and and inquires about any kind of computer project that you may have. Lets do that project in Cebu and enjoy the great thing this city has to offer.

The Mission of Forbes Computer

Forbes Computer is dedicated to making Cebu, Philippines a leading world center for computer animation and C programming.

To accomplish the goal of a leading computer center in Cebu, Forbes Computer supports a global society called CAST (Cebu Animators Society for Talent) and CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club). These special interest groups  are people interested in computer programming and animation using the Hash Animation program. Forbes Computer maintains all the high capital equipment and shares this with the its group members.

CAST (Cebu Animators Society for Talent)

CAST is a society of people that have a common interest in the making of animated cartoons. Based in Cebu, Philippines, CAST is open for membership to any person in the world. The goals of CAST is to create a shared library of objects and capture actions usable to the world animation community. Everyone is free to join, and share you talents and your question about 3D cartoons in the Philippines.

CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club)

CCCC is a society of people that have a common interest in programming in the language of C, C++ or Java. The society of CCCC members are dedicated to learn the science of good C programming. CCCC is actively soliciting contract programming in the areas of Java, pattern and object recognition, computer music and three dimensional animation. Everyone is free to join, and share you talents and your question about Java and C programming.

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