My George Brazil Story

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Not sure I got ripped by George Brazil plumbing repair here in Phoenix or not. But I’m thinking that a repair bill that adds up to $500 dollars per hour does say something.

I have had a problem with my sewer backing up and I can’t flush the toilet. I had this problem for several years and other plumbing business just snake out the sewer line. Well this time George Brazil truck shows up and the guy is dress in all white. Now if your going to clean the sewer do you wear white?

Well the first estimate was $500 dollars total to snake out the sewer. An hours work. I say OK but now the problem is that there is no sewer clean out except the one on the roof. They don’t do roof clean outs. So now we have to install a clean out access port. Cost $1000 or total cost is now $1500 dollars. I have had this issue before and I think I had this installed with another plumber. I tell them that and this forces them to look again. Yes it is there but is covered up with bushes.

OK, Were good to go at $500 dollars. Whoops! The snake gets block and it won’t go all the way to the alley. Now I’m told that I can quit now and pay $500 dollars or fix the blocked sewer. Now why would I just pay $500 dollars and I still can’t flush my toilet. They are going to dig a hole and find the clog, The price is based on the hole depth and length. I course I agree. I need my sewer fixed.

The George Brazil guy starts to dig. He has electric tool to help break up the soil. Then I notice that there is tw0 George Brazil guys doing the digging. I’m in the house pounding on this keyboard. An hour later, I’m ask to come out and take a look at the problem. I see a hole 2 foot wide, 3 foot long and 40 inches deep. In the bottom is a broken sewer pipe and some grass or roots blocking the sewer line. I should have took a picture, but I didn’t. I will have to explain on words what I saw.

The image in my mind is that the sewer pipe was broken by the George Brazil guys (Of course you have to break the pipe to get at the problem). The blockage looks very white, There isano dirt sediments in the pipe. The problem plug is very round looking. And it looks exactly like the small stick or leaves falling on the ground from my Palo Verde trees. In other words it looks like someone picked some trash off the ground. Wads it up into a ball. Then stuck it in the opening of the sewer line. Well what can I say. My sewer is disfunctional and I need it fixed.

Now the bill is $3000 dollars. They worked for less that six hours. I’m told that this is not the end of my problems. The whole sewer line needs to be replaced and the cost to do that would be another $6000 dollars.

Later I Google George Brazil and find lots of others have complaints. I also find that the George Brazil guys get payed a commission on all customer transactions(30%). Now I know why the George Brazil guy spent so much time talking to me and make me spend more money.

I will let you decide. Was I ripped off or I’m I just stupid?

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