Why am I so dumb?

Posted by on March 1, 2008

     On Saturday February 16, 2008, I was walking to the coffee shop and I was about 100 meters behind the maid of my landlady. She has a interesting walk an a get view from behind. A motorcycle is coming from the opposite direction. It stops, They talk for a few minutes, She gets on and they make a U turn and motor the maids appointed errand. I wonder why nobody looks at me and offers to share.

      The next day Sunday, I was attending the birthday party of a one year old girl that was born on valentines day. I was going home and I had to walk about 2 kilometers to get to the main road. It was raining and so I got wet. About halfway I passed a girl that had an umbrella. As I passed see said “Excuses me Sir”. See said it again and as I turn to her she said : It’s raining and You are getting wet. Would like to share my umbrella?” Not thinking and just being stupid I said “No thanks it’s just water and I don’t mine.”

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