How stupid can I be?

Posted by on November 23, 2012

A few nights ago I was watching the movie “Best Little Whore House in Texas”. Staring Dolly Parton and Bert Reynolds. Dolly gives some advice to all. “If you see someone without a smile. Give them yours.”

I’m telling this story to Nessie and her quote is: “I don’t need your smile. I need your money”.

Now I have blogged on this subject before. If I use my left brain and use logic. I come up with my quote: Love is money. The proof is that “Time is Money” and “Love is Time” therefore “Love is Money”.

So if you find a person without a smile, Give them money.

Well! Today is Black Friday and we are going to the mall to shop. I ask what are we going to buy? Nessie answers. “I want and ipad-upay.” Boy I’m stupid. With all of my technical background. I ask “What is an ipad-upay.”

2 Responses to How stupid can I be?

  1. Amy

    You have a radio built by my great-grandfather. I’ve never seen one before, but heard the story from my grandmother. Where is the Melodyne by the Hall Radio Corporation located?

  2. Lanny

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