Kinect to the World

Posted by on July 2, 2013

We are now the owner on a Microsoft Windows Kinect. We have this to do full body scans and then make a model on a 3D Printer. Ah! Err! The first intention was to make a memorial to myself and then put it on my grave stone. Well! Thats not a good idea. Who cares about me. Maybe I make a model. but my name and date on the bottom. That way a hundred yeas from now some will bring it to Antique Road Show and it will be worth hundreds of thousand dollars.
Ok! Lets get serious. I write this blog to announce that I have a new web site.This is an advancemant to my 3DEM (3D E Marketing) application. the site is called “Kinect to the world, Photo Studio Websites, Prospector Sites, Email Flyers, Email Drip, Home Feedback, E-Calendar, Agent Report Card, Syndication” You can visit the site at this URL. Join a world market for full body scans.
This site allows you to connect to other Kinect studios. Have them scan your customer’s family members living in a far distant place. The world is globel and now your businass is the world.

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