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Tetra Forbes is a software and marketing company using open-source LAMP. technologies to create mature, robust web applications. Open-source is generally less costly to deploy than proprietary software. We believe that often, the optimal solution is a proper combination of open-source and proprietary technologies.

We Offer:

  • Server-side programming: Development using Java, Python, PHP and C# languages.
  • Client-side programming: Development utilizing JavaScript, W3C DOM, DHTML, XHTML and XML (including XSLT and XPath).
  • Database and business applications programming: Business applications and software development services utilizing open-source technologies such as Java, Python, PHP, C/C++, ODBC, and proprietary technologies including .net Framework, MS SQL Server and C#.
  • Deployment platforms (operating systems and web servers): Development of intranet (web) and software solutions deployable on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Apache and IIS.
  • Animation: Animation development using open-source software.
  • Web site hosting, marketing and maintenance: Outsource your web to Tetra.

For a web site or intranet to match your company’s complex needs… Hire Tetra Group now!

Contact us for more information. We are located in Phoenix Arizona. Google map us.

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Tetra - Marketing and Web Services Programming in Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, C#

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