My Revelation of the Day

Posted by on February 8, 2016

A few days ago I was taking a walk in the Arizona sun. As I walked by a house in my neighborhood. there were two young boys playing in their front yard. I heard one of the boys shout at me “Hi old man”. Wow! That blew away and I wondered why I’m an old man. I pointed my finger at him and give him my famous scowling look.

I continued to walk down the street. Three housed down I see a lady exit a house. I meet her on the sidewalk and I complain “I want to complain. You have two neighbor kids and they just shouted at me “Hi Old Man”. Her immediate response was “Just be thankful you heard the word ‘Hi’.  Hi is much better that no word at all”.

Wow! Now that made my day. An out going salutation is from an out going five year old is really a great thing,

Wall! That’s is not the end of my story. Later that day I’m in the local grocery store and a three old girl is saying “Hi” to every stranger. I big smile and ‘Hi’ to me brought me to tears.

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