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Posted by on July 8, 2014

Today I’m selling stuff on Ebay and I have about 4 hours before things close and I have to ship my stuff. I decide to go on one of my daily walks in the neighbourhood. It’s 109 degrees out there but this is normal for me.

A guy I have met several times walking, greets me and says “Good Morning! Welcome to paradise. I answer “Paradise? What?” He says “Great day 110 degrees and lots of sun.” I say “Hot! Sounds like Hell to me.” Don’t know why I was so negative. I always try to be positive.

Anyway I keep walking and look for a place I can get a drink of water. I’ve passed McDonald’s several times in the past but I always stopped in when I had a dollar in my pocket to buy a drink. Now I stop in to just cool off and write my adventures in my engineering notebook.

The main show is a family of 9 people. A grandmother, two daughters and 7 kids all younger than 7 years old. Of course there is lots of noise, kids running here and running there. A three year old takes the baby carriage from her Mother and pushes the 3 month old around. It bumps into all the chairs and tables but gets better as time goes by as she learns how to drive. Well! This story ends with the mothers trying to get all the kids out the door and into two cars. I hear “You kids hurry up and eat your ice cream. We’re going to the Phoenix Science Center. (Lots of interactive exhibits to teach kids science)

Well! That’s not all my story at McDonald’s. A young lady comes in and sits in a nearby chair. She looks my way as she walks by. A few minutes later, she gets up and walks over to me and says “They gave me two cups so I don’t need this one. Do you want it so you can get something to drink. I stumble with my words and say “Thank you. I will just get some water.”

Now I’m really enjoying my day and I begin to wonder what is going on. Yes! I’m returning to my childhood and this is a great place to be at my age. I belong to the group Phoenix Seniors run by the city of Phoenix. I find this very boring and it is so regimented by rules set by the city employees. The drive to the Seniors is 3 and a half miles. McDonald’s is a 15 minute walk. When ever I go some where I always judge my experience on the show I see. McDonald’s is a much better show.

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