State of Art Software Written in Cebu

Cmx-Viewer takes CorelDraw artwork and displays it in a tree structure (on the left). The picture is then generated from the tree.

The CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club) is announcing the release of Version 0.9 beta 1 of its newest software called "Cmx Viewer" written here in Cebu. This software is written in the computer language called Java. Java is a "write once - run anywhere" computer programming language that finds many applications on the Internet.

CCCC is a users group of people from all over the world who have an interest in Cebu and, do or want to learn, C++ and Java programming. Currently CCCC has over 20 active members. The released of this program and its source code is to show to world that Cebu and the Philippines is a place for serious IT talent. CCCC feels the need to demonstrate a positive and productive face to the world in light of the recent publicity from the "love letter virus".

Cmx Viewer is a tool written to take CorelDraw cmx (Corel Media Exchange) formatted files and display it as a special kind of gray scale image called Z maps. Cmx Viewer displays an image where the gray color is a function of the picture's depth. White is closest and black being the farthest away. This 3D map is a representation of a two dimensional picture as a three-dimensional object.

The Cmx Viewer is not a finished program. It only displays an image. The utility of the viewer is in the next stage of development and has many interesting and useful applications. These include converting background pictures for use in 3D cartoons. Converting 2D clipart into 3D objects suitable for laser cutting. And making "Virtual 3D Worlds" for the Internet. This next stage is left for the CCCC members to enhance and develop it into useful applications. Members who have contributed to this project are Roland Caranzo and Gary Forbes.