Coders Club releases CD Showcasing IT Skills

THE Cebu C Coders Club (CCCC). a recognized Java Users Group (JUG) from Sun Microsystems Inc, recently released the "EeBoom Cebu" demonstration CD that features the information technology (IT) skills of Cebuanos. Gary Forbes of CCCC said the main goal of this release of this CD is to make Cebu a major force in the world market for outsourcing computer programs and to bring jobs to Cebuano IT professionals The CD is a demonstration of an Interactive e-portal featuring the programming skill, of the club members.

The simulated web site contains applications such as discussion forums, e-commerce, a hotel reservation system, web chat, market surveys, Postcards from Cebu, Resumes of Cebu, Guest Book, Javanary (a Java dictionary ), and a demonstration of a cell phone application,

The web portal is made up of three levels or tiers. Tier one is the client or the web browser, the middle tier is the business logic while the third tier is the database. It contains the information that you are serving or collecting from the web user, he added. This model encompasses many of the e-commerce applications found at today's commercial web sites. In other words "Anything Yahoo call do, we call do right here in Cebu," Forbes said.

The "CCCC Demo" is written in Java The "write once, run anywhere" Internet technology allows this program to run on many different platforms. The current set up and program now run only all Win9x and Winnt systems. Future installation programs are in development that can run on other platforms, he said. System requirements are as follows: Pentium III class processor at 550 MHz or faster, 64 MB or more dynamic memory, video card capable of 16 thousand colors, 24x speed or faster CD Rein drive, 800x600 with 16 million colors, video monitor, free hard disk space of 5MB on the C: space drive.

"The CD is free to anyone who is making or contemplating all e- commerce web site. Samples of the CD are distributed in the United States (US) and in Europe to help generate jobs for Philippine IT professionals," Forbes said. Anybody is welcome to help in the distribution of tile CDs through Gary Forbes at (63)(32) 231-6722 or send e-Mail to

CCCC was established in October 1999. The members of CCCC belong to a community of 'IT' people that have a strong sense of family sharing and helping each other with a mission to make Cebu competitive in the world market. "We believe that a strong IT industry in Cebu must be supported with a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to improve the lives of our children, the city of Cebu and all citizens of the Philippines," he said.

CCCC is a special interest group that is set up to promote computer programming, using the C++ and Java. Java is the preferred' programming language of the Internet, The group is registered with Sun Microsystems Inc. the inventor of the Java language. The club is open to all residents of the world who uses the Internet to collaborate oil CCCC programming projects. --

Joefel D. Ortega The Freeman