NESS Cebu (Network E Services and Solutions), offers a full suite of support solutions for outsourcing Java™ and computer programming. These including desktop applications, enterprise Java applications, Web Services, Web Application, J2ME, database programming, P2P services, help desk, E-support and supply chain management. We focus on developing and maintaining the best technical staff, so you can focus on being the best in your business. Ness is the best in our business, Java outsourcing. When you're ready to provide world class service to your customers, then you're ready for the Ness Cebu advantage, outsourcing Philippines.

We have a complete team of web developers, graphic designers, application developers, copywriters, creative writers,technical writers and content builders. This talent is employed round the clock to develop state-of-the-art products for our valued clients. We can assure you that we can satisfy you by keeping to given timelines and quality standards.

In outsourcing to the Philippines you have several advantages over other competing nations.

NESS - Network E Services and Solutions is the core technology of the Tetra Group. The group members all have a common logo and mission to make Cebu, Philippines a major player in the IIIT outsourcing industry. Our name has the single letter "E". Today the E-word is everywhere from E-Commerce, to E-Services,E-Solutions, to EZ. Visit the Who we are page to learn more about NESS and the Tetra Group.

This site is "" was first established March 24, 2002. The acronym NESS is the first name of a seven year old boy living here in the Cebu, Philippines. His full name is Ness Joelius Inocente. We dedicate this site to his future, the future of Cebu and the people of the Philippines.

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