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A business needs to remain competitive in the global market place. The need to cut cost and shorten development time is an ever present concern for all CEO's. This drive to be competitive needs to have some since of caution and not to do things in a reckless manor. The rule is to go forward but keep your eyes open. Look for the best value for your company and just not the cheapest price. We at NESS strive to keep our nose to the wind, our eyes on the road, our ear to the ground and our communication - superior

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This page outlines some of the advantages of doing your next Java outsourcing and C++ programming jobs with NESS Cebu Philippines. Presented is list of reasons to do business with NESS, a full service web development company. Ness has expertise in Flash, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, C++ and Java outsourcing. These resources combine to give you a three or four tier server side web application. The four tiers would be HTML front end, Business Logic middle tier, Database backend and E-Mail services.

  • NESS - Ness E Services and Solutions
    NESS was established in the Philippine in 1995. The company is a computer hardware and software development organization. We have written programs in FORTRAN, C, C++, AutoLisp, Cobol and Pascal. For the last four years the company has developed a strong Java programming talent and is now the Guru of Cebu in E-Commerce and Java based web sites.

CCCC Cebu C Coders Club
A talent pool of people experienced in C++ and Java programming. CCCC is a recognized Java JUG by Sun Microsystems. The CCCC publishes a monthly newsletter about topics of interest to Java and C++ programmers. CCCC also publishes a yearly CD called "EeBoom Cebu" that contains the clubs sample work. See the sidebar for a press release about the CD or visit our We did this page for information on all our published works.

  • CAST Cebu Animators Society for Talent
    A talent pool of people experienced in Flash, 3D Animation, Gif Animation and Graphics. CAST publishes a yearly CD called "Cebu Animation". This is a sample of our members work and talents.

  • Core Management Team
    People chosen to make a n impact on the Internet and project NESS as a leader in in the world outsourcing for Java and C++ programming. Over 50 years combined programming experience.

  • Finished Projects in the last 4 years:

    • AutoCad to CNC
      A program to convert AutoCad DFX files to a CNC file for the laser and router.

    • MusicScan
      A program to recognize sheet music scores and convert them to Midi files.

    • Laser Simulator
      A program to convert a gray scale image to a 3D object.

    • CAST Marketing Tools
      Corporate catalogs on the Internet. Designed for the export market, this program creates e-Brochures, e-Calendars, Web Pages and Fax Pages using the catalog information base.

    • DSEL - Demo Sales Engine and Launcher
      DSEL is a CD based Java™ Virtual Machine with a very small install footprint. This is a corporate giveaway to demonstrate your new Java™ application or interactive web technology. The CD uses a Java based Web Application Server, an HTML/Java e-mail server, and a database to present your product as an interactive four tier web site.

  • Programming Methods:

    • Extreme Programming
      A technique where to the goal is to publish or show some kind of results. You first seek "User Stories" from the customer. Use these stories to build a model, program and publish. Then you seek "User Stories" from the customer and potential users. These stories are new features, bugs, user confusion about the interface and difficulty for the user. The cycle is "Program, Publish, Stories, Fix and Refactor".

    • Testing and Quality Control
      NESS uses an API called JUnit, a toolkit to test code segments and keep the programmers from violating the test contract. To use a code segment the programmer must fulfill the assertions made by JUnit. At production time the JUnit code is easily commented out.

    • Documentation and user manuals.
      As part of the Extreme Programmers methodology, NESS publishes the programmers documentation with each "Publish" cycle. This forces the programmers to "Document as you Program". The programmers documentation is very technical as is meant for fellow programmers. NESS tech-writers then convert this to a more friendly users manual.

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Press Releases

CCCC publishes "EeBoom Cebu" A CD of the programming skills of the CCCC.

Cebu C Coders Club announces state of art software made in Cebu.

Cebu C Coders Club
"Laser Simulator".
Converts a gray scale image to a 3D object.

CAST Marketing Tool. A program to e-market corporate catalogs for the export industry.

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Last modified: June 16, 2006