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Java Programming in the Philippines

We do IIIT. NESS has the talent and experience to do the job. Get it done on time and at a lower cost. Get NESS to do IT.

Samples of our Work
These examples require that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The red text should turn blue, indicating that the mouse over Java Script functions are working.

The programs are a three tier business or e-commerce Web Application written in Java. The three tiers are the database back end, the middle layer is the business logic, and the front tier is the user or client. The programs use the Java Servlets and Java Server Pages technology.

The application "Postcards from Cebu", "Sinulog 2002" and "Museums of Cebu" have moved to the About Cebu page.

  1. Resumes from Cebu Philippines
    A little fun and information about the residents of Cebu. A Web Application that demonstrates the CAST Marketing Tools. New functionality has been added to this Web Application. An online application form is used to convert your resume from HTML to a XML database. The XML is then stored in a searchable database.
  2. Sign our Guestbook
    Leave a note. Say you were here. Make a complaint. Make a complement. Mark your place on this site.
  3. Programmers Forum
    Ask the Root or any member of the Cebu C Coders Club how do you do this? Why do I get this error when I try to do this?. I read the manual but I still get this error. What am I doing wrong? Join this forum to find the answers. Powered by Jive.
  4. Forbes Surplus Catalog
    Find everything from soap to nuts, You name it. It's here. An eCatalog application for management and display of an online product catalog. The application has several export modes to make and email PDF Product Brochures.
  5. Chat with the Gurus
    While your browsing this pages. Chat with follow browsers. The text is a light tutorial about Java. The text, picture and sound is then emailed to our club members. Using this application member or guest can send the news letter to a friend. Try it you'll like it.
  6. CCCC Newsletter archive
    A news letter archive from the CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club). The News letter is programmed as a Postcard from Cebu. Local cartoon talent from CAST (Cebu Animators Society for Talent) makes the picture and sound.
  7. Javanary a Java Dictionary and Glossary
    Find a computer word or add one of your own words. This "Javanary" is a community project of the Cebu C Coders Club. It is hoped that all can participate and make this useful tool grow to over 10,000 words and definitions.
  8. Sample Cartoons from CAST Members
    Check out the talent of CAST (Cebu Animators Society for Talent). Upload your own cartoon. Then send it to your friends and associates as a Postcard from Cebu Philippines. Or just visit the local cartoon talent and enjoy a the fun with a pun.
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Outsourceing Computer hardware development.
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Idea Outsourcing - writeing, animation, programming, design.
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Business Cellphone Directory.
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Marketing catalogs and leads for exporters.
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CAST Marketing Tools -- A tool for exporters and large product catalogs.
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