We are IIIT

Who we Are:

NESS ( Network E Services and Solutions) is a IIIT company located in Cebu Philippines. Cebu a city of about 1 million plus in the center of the Philippines is great place to live, work and play.


NESS E Services and Solutions is a company dedicated to make Cebu a major player in the IIIT industry. NESS actively supports two non-profit organization to help Cebu towards this goal.

CCCC (Cebu C Coders Club) is a registered JUG from Sun Microsystems Inc. It is a club dedicated to all Java TM and C++ programmers.

(Cebu Animators Society for Talent) is a organization to foster and support a 3D animation industry here in Cebu. It markets and promotes the animation talents of Cebu to the world.

Our Logo

The NESS E Services and Solutions logo is a tetrahedron. Each of the four verticies represent a letter in the acronym NESS. The four sides represent the structure of the NESS business organization.

The four verticies:

  1. Network
    The Internet. Our network of customers. Our network of  people. Our network of  suppliers. Our network of partners.

  2. E:
    E-Collaboration, E-Commerce's, E-Communications, E-Services.

  3. Services:
    The people, the tools and the attitude to start, finish and maintain a value added business application to our customers.

  4. Solutions:
    The people and tools to start, finish and maintain a value added business application to our customers.

The four sides are:

  1. Navigation:
    The world of business is a virtual sea of decisions and forks in the road, with only an eye to the future as guide. This ship need a strong leadership and direction to chart a course to success.

  2. Enterprising:
    Technology is a race and requires a faster engine than our competitors. To have that fast engine NESS is dedicated to invent, to innovate, to be at the head of the pack.

  3. Substance:
    Each product or service at NESS is designed to add value to our customers. We sell products not promises.

  4. Surpassing:
    NESS strives to be the best. Having products and services of top quality and add value to our customers.

The tetrahedron is a very stable object (it's sides are triangles) and is the only one with four sides. If one vertex is longer than the rest the tetrahedron will always point into the wind. NESS promotes this idea in the promise to always be the front runner in the technology of JavaTM.

The colors of the four sides are the same as the Philippine flag.

Philippine Flag
Our Mission:
  1. To work hard for the common good and a better life for our children.
  2. To be honest and fair to all people of the world.
  3. To promote the computer and IIIT in the city of Cebu and the nation.
  4. To make Cebu the IIIT capital of the world.

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