Object Containers

Posted by on August 5, 2009

This reminds me of a true life story that happened to me only a few month ago. I have the habit of putting things somewhere and then forgetting where I put it.

Of course my original thinking is that someone walked off with it or just borrowed it and forgot to return it. I have to be very careful about making false accusations. Ninety nine times out of a hundred it is me that is in error.

The story is that I have some antique calculators and digital cameras (yes antique digital camera). NJ the 5 year old boy that was staying with me was playing with them as if they were his toys. I thought I place the on top of the bookcase where they are display as a museum peace. The next day they where gone I couldn’t find them.

I look for them for about 6 months and my only conclusion was that they were stolen by some of my students. Well guess what? About 3 weeks ago, well looking for something else, I found them on the top shelve in a closet in my bed room in Cebu Philippines.

Mmmm think. “Universe – World – Philippines – Cebu – house – room – closet – box”. A bunch of object containers, arranged left to right, such that, the  left contains the right.  This describes the exact location of the object camera. Wow! I sound like a geeky computer programmer and the nerds on the TV program “The Big Bang Theory”. Yeks! I think I’m turning into an object and losing my soul. The soul is only thing in this universe that is not an object.

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