Privacy Policy

Privacy Complaints

Zerotosixty, LLC cares abouts our client’s privacy issues. If you think that Zerotosixty, LLC has not followed with this Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information, you may complain to the Zerotosixty, LLC Privacy Officer at the following email address

Zerotosixty, LLC Systems Incorporated

Privacy Officer/Customer Information

Complaints Department,

P.O Box. 5931
Goodyear, AZ. 85338.

In your complaint letter, please provide as much detail as possible explaining why you think we did not address your concerns. We will respond to your complaint immediately. If you do not get confirmation of your complaint or your complaint is not addressed competently or adequately, please contact our client complaints division at 1-888-209-2423 to make a direct complaint, you must provide the following information:

Your name or business name,

The claimed privacy violation,

Your contact information,

Please specify if you would like some of your complaint discussed with the us directly or via email.

If you provide Zerotosixty, LLC with inconsistent privacy requirements (for example, by showing in one situation that you want our marketing offers and showing in another situation that you do not), Zerotosixty, LLC will try to update your privacy preferences in our records with the latest preference in a prompt and proper manner. Also, please note that Zerotosixty, LLC is not liable for the content or privacy practices of non-Zerotosixty, LLC websites to which this Site or any other Zerotosixty, LLC website may link. You should check the privacy policy of such sites before using the sites.