32 Shea – Relax and Enjoy

Posted by on April 17, 2012

Being a web consultant and keyboard bounder, I sometimes get my brain very wound up. So at least for some part of the day I need to take a break and unwind.
I read in Mind Magazine that the best way to relax your brain is to explore and do something new. Go for a walk and just enjoy what is in front of you. I do this a lot and it really works. Since I have seen my neighborhood a lot I need new places to explore. Some times I enjoy going to malls or shopping strips and just check out who is busy and who is not. This is very common for me to do. I call this “Marketing Research”.
Well! Guess what? Right in my neighborhood is a place that just reopen with new owners. I begin to see a lot of cars parked out front. Cars lined up at the drive up window. People setting at tables in the outdoor patio. I’m always walking by and I get more curious about what this is all about. I get up the courage to walk in and check this out.
There is a small bar for about seven people and tables to seat about 16 people. More space is available to sit outside. The place is small, crowded and busy. I set at the bar and order a cup of coffee. Yes this place does server drinks but I see the bar attendant making a lot of smoothies and other cocktails. Families and kids eating food and dogs in the outdoor patio. I like the show and it relaxes my mind.
Part of the show is watching the help run here and run there. And Oh Yes! Watching the girls. Err! Well maybe I should just say that the bar faces a large front window where you can see the busy traffic on 32nd street go by.
Ok! Now I will tell you where this place is. My neighborhood is 32nd street and Shea Boulevard in Phoenix Arizona. The name of the place is “32 Shea” Check it out. And Ah! Ah! Tell them that Mr. Forbes sent you.

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