Sales Export Leads and Listings

SELL Cebu (Sales Export Leads and Listings), is directory of E-Catalogs. The catalogs are arranged in a book shelve of photo albums.
Each photo album is a product category manufactured by your company. The photo album is a slideshow. It has a picture,
a sound clip and text to describe the picture.

The single web page is made up of several frames and color coded for different functions. The red area above is the control sections and contains all the control buttons described above. The yellow area is the picture title and the album title. The white area contains the picture of the product and the text description.

The bottom area or blue section is the Flash sound player. There are two, the background sound and a sound for each picture. The background sound can be music or a recorded message from your president or CEO. The picture sound is a short sound clip and describes the features of the product that is pictured.