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Cebu Heritage Tour

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What's On the CD

What is the CD?

The CD is a standalone computer application that requires no installation. Everything runs from the CD. The content of the CD has two major parts, movies and application.

The movies are:

The applications are:

Pressing the Movie Button

This starts a Java (A Computer Program) Media Player. This media player is part of the CD and does not use any player from the local computer. It plays only the one movie, the “Cebu Heritage Tour”.

Pressing the Applications Button

This starts the Java (A computer Program) and gives access to the applications above.

The Reset Button

A lot of people will push a button more than once. The Movie Button and the Applications Button are disabled after a button is pushed. The Reset Button enables the two buttons so that it can be used.

Click here for the Cd's features and system requirements.

Where can you buy this CD?

The Cebu Heritage Tour CD is available on the following outlets:

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