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Needed: Arizona Technology Investor

Hello! I am the owner of this site and the owner of http://cast-cebu.org. I like to think of these two sites as my ‘Right Brain’ and my ‘Left Brain’. Here I’m going to outline a business plan for a sweat equity partnership that will start with my assets an intellectual property. What I need from … Continue reading »

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For our story for this month we again visit the television programs I remember form my past. The TV channel I enjoyed the most was the public supported station PBS (Public Broadcasting System) or in the UK the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). These are station that are supported by federal tax money and from local … Continue reading »

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My Brain as an Innovator

Why do I like my brain? Well I have spent the last 68 years getting my brain to this state. That means all my life I’ve been putting things in my brain. My problem is how to get it out. I’m not saying that all things are good or I know where they are, but … Continue reading »

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