The Theory of Faith

Posted by on November 25, 2008

 I acquired a different interpretation of who I am when I moved to the Philippines. I’m a runner and the people of the Philippines are swimmers. So why am I different? The answer lies in my ancestors. My early ancestors came from the high lands of Scotland. My family name is Forbes, which is a clan name and means from the forest. All my ancestors were runners.

The Philippines is a land of over 7000 islands and every one has beaches and places to swim. So what is the biological difference between me and the Filipino. It’s the foot design. My foot is long and narrow with a high arch. The Filipino foot is low arch and wide at the toe joint. A perfect swim fin.

Why do I use my foot design in this essay on “The Theory of Faith”? Hunting requires a running skill and fishing requires a swimming skill. Is hunting more dangerous than fishing? I think so. In the forest there are many places for a predictor to hide. To hunt a deer requires a pack of hunters that can run like a deer. Or to avoid the competition, a wolf for example, you need to run fast.

My difference in faith is tied to the environment of my ancestors. They evolved in the forest along with competing predictors. I might also add that there was snow and the four main seasons of the year. Is this the reason for the Protestant reformation? The protestant revolt against the Catholic Church was one of hieachy and the need to go through the leaders of the Church and the Saints to reach God.

All the major religions are part of the desert environment. You survived by finding water and the settling in an oasis or along a river. These where things given to you. In the North snow country you survived by manipulating nature. Things were not given to you. You had to work for them. Thus is God the giver or is God the provider? This is the proverbial saying: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Give a man a fishing pole and he eats when he works.”

So the difference in faith is “God helps those who help themselves.” verse “Ask and you shall receive.” The provider verse the giver. This view of God demands what is called the “Protestant Work Ethic”, Nature provides but you have to put your nuts away for the winter.

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