What Goes Around Comes Around

Posted by on September 15, 2015

This is Sunday and my routine is a trip to the mall. This mall opens early before any of the stores open. It’s an invitation to walk in an air conditioned space. After two loops around mall I sit down and watch the others walk. Of course I’m hoping the ladies will smile at me as they walk by. Well, no one smiled at me. What a lousy day.

Well, it then turned out to be a great day. On my way home I stopped at Goodwill to look for my hoarding junk. Great! I didn’t find anything. Now I’m going out the door, and the Mother with her young son and baby carriage are going out the door. The young son struggles with the door to hold it open for his Mother. He also holds the door open for me. I reach into my pocket and hand him a dollar. I say ” here’s a tip for the door man.” Then I rephrase my response to “Not for the doorman but for a reward for a job well done.” The mother looks surprised but also response with “A job well done my son.”

My next stop is at the the local bar next to Goodwill. Have not been there for a while so I order a half pitcher of beer. I ask the bar lady how much and I get a big surprise. It cost four dollars and a half. I only have four dollars in my pocket. To put this on a credit card would cost me 10 dollars. I ask if I can leave and she can serve this to someone else. I walk out the door without paying.

Now I drive down to a bar a little closer to my house. I’ve been there many times and I know a half pitcher is only three dollars and a half. I sit down at the bar start a conversation with a guy next to me. I tell him my my story about I did not have enough money to buy a beer. We talk for about 40 minutes an he gets up to leave. He ask for his bill and the tells the bar lady to add my bill onto his. He will pay.

Wow! I payout one dollar and get back three and a half dollars. Yes I know. How I have to pass it on to the next person. So if you want to be the next person, let me know.

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