Why don’t I smile?

Posted by on November 12, 2011

Last Tuesday I was at a local conference and was walking around visiting the many booths. The house was pack so I made about 5 to 6 loops around the floor. Didn’t visit with many people but just help my self to the literature, candy and pens.

Well on my last round I stopped at this one booth and was just looking. The lady behind the booth spoke up and said ” Finally I get to meet you.” After passing her by about 5 times, I think she was a little frustrated.

I was just finishing my final loop and was about to walk out the door when another lady says “Hello! How are you?”. Then she says “Would you please smile? Come on smile.” I tried to smile but it just doesn’t work for me. I just said thank you and walked out the door.

Now I will try to explain why I can’t smile. I read in a book or magazine that when a mother looks at her infant baby they always look cute. There is an instant bond between mother and baby. Then they defined the word cute. Cute means small mouth and big eyes. All babies have large eyes and a small mouth. The eye size is set at birth, They don’t grow larger but the size of the mouth grows.

Well today in my adult life I have a small mouth and big eyes. Do I look cute? MMmm! maybe but the reason I think woman talk to me, is I wear a hat. (The only one at the show with a hat.) The hat, long pants(well pressed) and tucked in shirt is my trademark. I want to look rich. Well it works, at least with the older ladies. Oh yea! When I introduce myself I always say my name is Mr. Forbes.

1) People with small mouths can’t smile because it feels so tight to curl your mouth.
2) I don’t like the word cute. Every time I here the word cute from my wife it cost me money.
3) Oh yes, I do get in trouble talking to the ladies so thats my best reason why I don’t smile.

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