WordPress MultiSite

Posted by on October 24, 2011

Well now that I have WordPress MultiSite run on my server, I feel I need to make a few comments. To sum it all up so you don’t have to read further is: I like It. But I will go ahead and explain. How you don’t mind the list form.

  • All video now has a common directory. All blogs can share video with other blogs.
  • Works with child themes. I need to modify template code and plugin code to support my interactive menus.
  • Common login and admin for all blog sites. Easily slip back and forth from site admin the network admin.
  • Common pages for all blog sites. Using export and import I can make site pages be the same.
  • Common blogs for all blog sites. Using a plugin I can blog once and it will appear on all blog sites.
  • Live version updates. Since I modify code using Child Themes, I can update live with no conflicts.
  • Common plugins for all sites. These are managed by the Network Admin and controls blog site content.
  • A new site can be setup in a few minutes, complete with video, blogs, pages and comments.<

You may wonder why I would want all blog sites to have the same content and still have them look different. We are running a team and each must commutate to all the others. Log into your site and immediately see what everybody else is doing. It’s a conference meeting.

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